Summary Of Best Investment I Ever Made

A.J. Cronin is Scottish writer of "The Best Investment I Ever Made".

The word investment gives different ideas to different people, but it is generally associated with money and return gained in terms of money. But gains of an investment doesn't have to be monetary form, it can be gains of new generations too.

Cronin is on a travel on a liner. He had decided to relax as he was tired. He realized that somebody was observing him. After couple of days, the man who was observing Cronin with his wife approached to Cronin and met him. This man was Mr.John and he was feeling dissappointed that Cronin had not recognized him. Finally Mr.John reminded him about an incident.

25 years ago, Mr.John was a orphan and poor boy, who stolen some money from the office that he was working in. He scared and attempted to suicide and Cronin was the dvtoor who healed Mr.John and gave him some money to replace the amount that Mr.John had stolen from the office.

After incident Mr.John became a grown up and he sacrificies his belongings on helping orphan kids. Mr.John became a man who loves charity with a small amount of money that Cronin spent. What can we say is the best investment is the people and gain of that investment is priceless.